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Over the last two decades, Risk Management has changed from improvisation on-the-fly to something with documented higher standards followed by a large number of institutions. It’s no longer sufficient to just say you know Risk Management; you now need to prove it.

Our analytics software underlines the need to advance knowledge and practice in the area of risk and complexity. Data collection has been outstripped by PMEX ’s ability to interpret it, with the result that there are many new projects in the pipeline. It is not easy to predict any occurrence in our capital markets, but powerful computational methods applied to analytical insights are now making it very close to possible. We expect that our role in making PMEX Analytics publicly visible can and will be translated into financial advantage for our members and financial community.

With the simplified interface of our analytics software, users no longer need to be overwhelmed by the potential complexity of analysis tasks. By using various risk management methods in parallel, risk managers can now actively identify and control their risk exposures.

  1. PMEX RiskMeter
  2. PMEX RiskPort
  3. PMEX ICAnalyzer
  4. PMEX iSigma

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