Statement Ethics and Business Practices


> The Exchange, its directors and employees will conduct their activities with honesty and integrity. They will remain bound to principles of ethics in dealings with others.

> The Exchange will always comply with laws and regulations. All directors and employees will familiarize themselves with laws and regulations governing their individual areas of responsibility, and if in doubt, are expected to seek advice.

> The Exchange believes in fair competition and supports appropriate competition laws.

> The Exchange will provide best services, which consistently offer value and satisfy the needs and expectations of its regulator, brokers and their customers.

> The Exchange will run its business in a sound and sustainable environment recognizing its social responsibilities.

> The Exchange will adhere to the principle of transparency of business transactions and reliable timely financial reporting.

> The Exchange will be free from gender or any other bias, and will always be merit and excellence oriented.

> The Directors, Executives and all other employees shall always observe and maintain the confidentiality of Exchange's information, and not misuse such information or the Exchange's assets. Conflict of interests must be avoided, and where it exists it should be communicated and resolved.

> The Board shall, to the best of their ability, ensure compliances with above practices and actively follow the Core values governing the Exchange and its Activities.