ProfileBrig (R) Sabur Ahmed Khan

Brig (R) Sabur Ahmed Khan

Head of Human Resources and Administration

Brig (R) Sabur Ahmed Khan is the Head of Human Resource and Administration at PMEX since January 2016. He has served in the Army for thirty three years in diverse roles both within the country and abroad. Service in the Army, in addition to many valuable experiences, also provided him the opportunity of a leadership role in the raising of a new unit.

During 2000-01 he was associated with the civil administration, civic bodies and police department of Karachi Division for monitoring and coordinating the overall governance in Karachi which also entailed participation in planning of development projects as a member of the Economic Development Council (EDC) headed by the Governor of Sindh. He was also a member of the team which implemented the Local Government Ordinance. As Director NAB Sindh (2001-04) he made significant contributions to the accountability process.

Having retired from the Army in 2005, he chose to work in the corporate sector starting as Head of Human Resource and Administration in Coca Cola Bottlers Karachi, moved on to PTCL Southern Region as Head of Administration and Security and subsequently Headed Operations at The Citizens Foundation.

Sabur Khan has an Executive MBA degree in Human Resource and is a certified Interpreter of German Language.