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PMEX to Revolutionize Trading of Agricultural Commodities

Agriculture plays a central role in the economy of Pakistan. Over the years, this sector has been instrumental in achieving food security, boosting exports, and earning foreign exchange for the country. It provides raw material to two of the large-scale manufacturing industries – textiles and sugar. In terms of potential, the agriculture sector of Pakistan…

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PMEX to Unveil Global Commodity Trading Platform

In today’s global market place, buyers purchase a wide array of commodities from different parts of the world. The global buyers, however, face various challenges while buying commodities across geographical boundaries. Traditionally, they go through a long and cumbersome process of procuring such commodities that includes but not limited to; quality assurance of the commodities…

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PMEX Holds Discussions with PM’s Task Force on Gem and Jewellery for the Documentation of Gold Trade

Gold is generally considered a luxury commodity in Pakistan. However, in a broader perspective, it is a strategic asset for any country that not only gives protection in times of financial turmoil but also provides a hedge against inflation. In essence, Gold should be recognized as a universal currency, a strategic asset and all efforts…

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Investor Protection at PMEX 

Market participants such as hedgers, investors and traders are the pillars of the futures market. They determine the level of activity in the market by placing funds for trading, hedging or investing purposes, thereby contributing towards enhancing the trading volumes. Therefore, ensuring the protection of the market participants is very critical for the growth and…

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