Senior Officer – Database Administrator

Direct Reporting:

Senior Manager – Database Administrator


Graduate/Masters Computer Engineering/Science
Oracle/SQL and DBA Certifications


3-4 Years

Job Responsibilities:

  • Must have a strong background of database operations and information technology, such as the following.
    • Establish the needs of users and monitor user access and security
    • Monitor performance and manage parameters in order to provide fast responses to front-end users
    • Map out the conceptual design for a planned database
    • Consider both back-end organisation of data and front-end accessibility for end-users
    • Refine the logical design so that it can be translated into a specific data model
    • Further refining the physical design to meet system storage requirements
    • Install and test new versions of the database management system (DBMS)
    • Maintain data standards, including adherence to the Data Protection Act
    • Write database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary (metadata)
    • Control access permissions and privileges
    • Develop, manage and test back-up and recovery plans
    • Ensure that storage and archiving procedures are functioning correctly
    • Carry out capacity planning
    • Work closely with IT project managers, database programmers and multimedia programmers
    • Communicate regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security
    • Commission and install new applications and customize existing applications in order to make them fit for purpose
    • Manage the security and disaster recovery aspects of a database.
    • Perform all other task assigned by the Manager and HOD.




• Have excellent communication, teamwork and negotiation skills.
• Be self-motivated and innovative.
• Be a team player as well as individual performer
• Be flexible and adaptable to meet tight deadline.
• Familiarity with project management and tools.
• Have an ability to read understand business requirement documents & technical documentation skills.
• Have excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify and fix issue in databases.

Please send your resume at [email protected]

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