Job details-Assistant Manager – Information Security

Assistant Manager – Information Security


-Graduate/Masters Computer Engineering/Science


-Preferably 4 to 5 year of experience & min 1 year managing team.

Job Description:

-Mitigate information security risks in line with industry practices, the risk appetite of the business & any legal, regulatory or contractual requirements.

-Ensure compliance of information security policy and ISMS.

-Manage external audits and assessments, oversee audit findings and management actions plans. Ensure corrective actions are taken.

-Develop and review Business Continuity and DR documents on a regular periodic basis for accuracy and completeness.

-Conduct regular DR drills to ensure the system availability and readiness of relevant teams.

-Co-ordinate & liaise with auditors & security assessors as necessary.

-Review and identify risk associated within the business processes and new projects and report it on timely for its resolution.

-Implement and oversee technological upgrades, improvements and major changes to the information security environment.

-Monitor their organization’s networks for security breaches and investigate violations when occurs.

-Assess the organization’s security measures, such as firewalls, anti-virus software and passwords, to identify any weak points that might make information systems vulnerable to attack.

-Perform technical security review of the systems with the help of tools, if applicable.

-Prioritize security coverage to ensure that strategically important data, such as commercial information or personal data, receives the highest levels of protection.

-Develop and direct implementation of security standards and best practices for the organization.

-Research the latest information technology security trends.

-Recommend security enhancements to relevant department.

-Assist system administrators in deploying security controls in the systems, if required.

-Ensure that Information security audits are conducted periodically or as needed

-Provide training for employees, explaining security risks and ISMS requirements and demonstrating good practices,

-Any other tasks assigned by Chief Risk Officer.


-Excellent verbal and written communication skills



Last Date to Apply: May 15, 2021


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