Guidelines for Customers of Commodity Futures Brokers


  • Verify the authenticity of a Broker and its branches from the list of registered brokers and branches available on PMEX website
  • Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions along with the Risk Disclosure Document.
  • Ensure that all information is accurately filled in the Account Opening Form and a signed copy of the form is retained for future reference.
  • In case of any change in the information provided in the Account Opening Form, immediately communicate in writing to the Broker.
  • Only deposit payments to PMEX as per Automated Direct Funds Model through cross cheque/Pay Order/RTGS (Over the Counter – OTC) or online transfer (Sub-Collection Account – SCA) from your own bank account registered with PMEX.
  • Ensure that Broker sends daily, weekly, and monthly account balance and activity statements to know the trade activity and cash balances in the trading account.
  • Ensure that SMS alerts for deposits, withdrawals and trades are received on the mobile number registered with PMEX.
  • Approach PMEX in case of any complaint that remains unresolved by the Broker.


  • Do not deal with Brokers or their branches not registered with PMEX.
  • Do not give wrong, contradictory or incomplete information in the Account Opening Form.
  • Do not give cash or issue a cross cheque, pay order, demand draft or any other instrument in the name of the Broker, or any of its employee/authorized representative.
  • Do not deposit payments in cash in your account.
  • Do not deposit payments through a third-party cheque or online transfer from the third-party account.
  • Do not get misled by alluring advertisements, rumors, hot tips or the promises of assured returns by the Brokers or their authorized representatives.
  • Do not share personal ID and password of trading account provided by the Exchange with the Brokers or their authorized representatives.
  • Do not execute any trade on advice/direction of the Broker or any of its employee/authorized representative
  • Do not enter incorrect information while filling out a deposit slip (Over the Counter – OTC) or adding Sub-Collection Account (Online Transfer) during funds deposit. Any claim due to any error by the customer or banks shall not be considered/entertained by PMEX.
  • Do not surrender the right of receiving cash and trade balances reports via email and SMS.
  • Do not start trading before reading and understanding the terms and conditions and Risk Disclosure Document.
  • Do not give deposit by whatever name called, to any Broker or any of its employee/ authorized representative against fixed or guaranteed returns on deposits as the same is illegal and any claim in respect of such deposits would not be considered/entertained by PMEX.
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